2021 ~ The Magical Plantation

Ellesmere Community Arts

Over 700 people came and discovered all the wondrous creatures in The Magical Plantation during the summer holidays of 2021. Below a short video story…

Sophie Sprite has lost her good friend, Lizzie the Lizard. On her travels through the Magical Plantation she meets twelve magical creatures who help her, to a greater or lesser extent, to finally find her long lost friend who has been transformed by a wizard.

Here a selection of photos of the wondrous magical creatures:

Below you will find a map showing where exactly the Plantation is in Ellesmere, as well as a leaflet that you can download. The leaflet contains information to guide you through the Magical Plantation with a list of all 12 magical creatures that you could have found there as well as details of the competition. There is also a map so you can find your way around the plantation. You can download this leaflet by clicking on the link below.

There is a magic in the plantation which makes things work a little differently there, over time this has had its effect on some of the wondrous creatures that now live there’

Fizzgigs are planning to bring some magical creatures to the Plantation woods in Ellesmere this summer. From the end of July and through the summer school holidays there may be a variety of magical and colourful creatures appear up in the trees.

As lots of the community enjoyed making sprites for our last event, we thought it would be wonderful if people added to this event too!

What we want you to make are Fantastical Fizzgigs Owls. These will be made from a balloon, paper mache and a good dash of imagination. Instructions here!

About the Plantation in Ellesmere

The Plantation is a 2.7 ha, mature broadleaved woodland located at the southern end of Ellesmere with access from Sandy Lane or via Shropshire Union Canal Llangollen Branch.

The Plantation is open to the public all year round and is popular with walkers especially those with dogs offering a convenient circular walk from Ellesmere town centre along the canal through the Plantation and back to town through Castlefields and along the Mere. A picnic bench with a view of the Mere offers a place to stop and enjoy your surroundings.

Sandy Lane, SY12 0RA
Main entrance is at OS: SJ 40541 34413
Lat/Long 52.90385, -2.88544
Parking is available at Castlefields
carpark, SY12 0PA