Ellesmere Community Arts

We started 2021 with several Lockdown Challenges, posted on our Facebook site. This was gleefully followed by our first public event of the year, Sprites of Spring, where 48 sprites and a dog were accompanied by the Goddess of Spring, Primavera, in a beautiful installation during May Bank Holiday Weekend in Cremorne Gardens. This was followed by a re-enactment of the handing over of the Market Charter to Ellesmere by Lady Joan, on her real live horse! The Magical Plantation found over 700 visitors coming to the Plantation in Ellesmere to discover all the wondrous creatures living there. After Halloween we again brought out the Fizzgigs trebuchet and flung assorted pumpkins in various states of decay across the recreation ground. We again held community lantern workshops in November, where lantern presents and stars were made for the Fizzgigs lantern parade during the Winter Festival. And finally, Sophie Sprite invites you to sit down with her in front of the fire with a cup of tea and enjoy the adventures that she had in the summer in the Magical Plantation!

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