2014 ~ A Poem: The tale of Heronsilver

Ellesmere Community Arts

There was also a poem written written by Claire Cartlidge, of Fizzgigs, during the run up to the event Merefest 2014 and tells the tale of Heronsilver…

The tale of Heronsilver

On this dark, dark night
By this dark, dark mere
You’ve walked through the woods
Following the lantern lit path to here.

Now it’s time for our story
Of magic, kind deeds and rewards
Discover the secret of Heronsilver
And see how the magic unfolds.

A fisherman in his boat on the water
In the mere the water nymphs daughter
Unaware that the pike is pursuing his prey
And wicked Ginny Greenteeth is hiding away.

The nymph baby is rescued,
The fisherman rewarded.
A silver bucket and a mountain of coins
And in the firelight silver herons are born.

As our hero is sleeping at night
The moon is slowly hidden from sight.
In the darkness we glimpse the wicked witch Ginny
Stealing the silver -she’s greedy for money.

As the witch and the pike steal away
The brave water nymph arrives just in time (Hooray!)
Her magic spell binds them in strong iron chains
Will they ever appear here again?

The nymph makes a gift of the key
To the man in his boat we can see
Quietly floating on the deep dark mere
Waiting for more hungry fish to appear.

On the island the herons remain
In their treetop nests they are seen .
Do they dream and remember
When their grey wings turned silver?
And hope it might happen again.