Lockdown Challenges

Ellesmere Community Arts

Fizzgigs Lockdown Challenges #2 and #3

#2 ~ The Acrostic Poem Challenge

Write an acrostic poem using the Letters LOCKDOWN, obviously the more creative the better! There are are two examples to get you going:

Lockdown life!
Oh, what can I do?
Corona virus
Keeping me at home
Don’t go out!
Only for essentials.
When will it end?
Nobody knows.

Locking up and locking down,
Overboard and pumping out.
Canal boats, ropes and windlasses,
Key fobs of cork floating about.
Don’t think I’ve got the right notion
Of the challenge and its expected reaction…. but
With all the fear and strangeness around
Narrow boats are a pleasant distraction.

Deadline: 8th of April 2020!
Post your poem on our Facebook page: Fizzgigs – Lockdown Challenges

#3 ~ The Egg Moving Challenge

Yes, we thought we’d run two together this time as this one may take a little longer, so you have two weeks for this one. We’d like you to build a machine, or device, or vehicle, that moves an egg at least 2 meters and can only be powered using an elastic band.The more creative and interesting the better!

Deadline 15th of April 2020
Post a picture or video of your egg moving device on our Facebook page: Fizzgigs – Lockdown Challenges

Fizzgigs Lockdown Challenge #1

The first challenge is to create a painting or drawing in the style of one of these artists: Monet, Lowry, Picasso or Jackson Pollock. The picture could be of anything, but must be in one of those styles. And if you’re unsure of how they look then get Googling. Once you know what you want to be aiming for, get creative, get messy, have fun and post the results on our Facebook page, see below.

Deadline: 1st April 2020
Post your painting on our Facebook page: Fizzgigs – Lockdown Challenges

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