2015 ~ Merefest: Lantern Procession & Ellie’s Mere

Ellesmere Community Arts

Ellie’s Well was created by Fizzgigs to be part of Merefest on 19th September 2015.  A community lantern procession led our happy couple ‘Tom & Serina’ through the woods and around the Mere.  There were large sculptural lantern installations on the Mere and in the woods to be discovered along the way.  They then gathered to tell the story of local legend ‘Dame Ellie’ and the creation of the Mere.

We would like to say a big thank you to Ian Wright for being our Fizzgigs photographer for this event.

Ben Davies was also covering the Merefest event and has kindly let us use his photographs below;

Many people contributed to make this event happen. These people generously giving their time and talents to make this happen!

With thanks in no particular order:

The Event
Artistic Director – Tony Lewery
Written by Tony Lewery
Idea inspired by Heather Roden’s poem ‘How Ellesmere got its name’
Music Director – Peter Cartlidge with Mirjana Garland
Original songs written by Mirjana Garland and Tony Lewery
Event Coordinator – Cathy Andrew
Technical Manager – Bob Richards with Bill Entwistle
Pyrotechnics – Gavin Lewery
Installation Coordinator – Ian Andrew with team Mick Higgins, Ian Wright and Paul Higson
Health and Safety Coordinator – Claire Cartlidge
Costumes – Julie Appleby, Sarah Stokes, Rosemary Boys Drake, Mary Lewery, Cathy Andrew
Breakdown Coordinator – Paul Higson
Public Relations & Signage – Roger & Mirjana Garland
Publicity distribution – Jan Wheat
Prize Draw Coordinator – Mirjana Garland

Lantern Workshops
Workshop Leader – Mary Lewery
Claire & Peter Cartlidge
Roger & Mirjana Garland
Sarah Stokes
Jan Wheat
Julie Appleby
Cathy & Ian Andrew
Janet Jones
Tracy Piper Wright
Jackie & Mike Jeffrey
Denise Broad
Bob & Susan Richards
Becca Moore
Kate Westgate

Procession and Performance
Choir – Mere Melodies
Musicians – Peter Cartlidge, Roger & Mirjana Garland, Steve Thomas, Carly Rose, Lynn Bright
Stage Manager – Janet Jones
Lantern Procession Leaders – Edward and Amanda Bevan
The Fizztastic Goose Flapper – Made by Peter and Claire Cartlidge, operated by Alex Grant
Giant Puppet Tom – Made by Tony Boys, performed by Mick Higgins
Giant Puppet Serena – Made by and performed by Cathy Andrew
Snapping Security Dogs – Made by Mary Lewery, performed by Tony Lewery
Security Guards – Mary lewery and Becca Moore
Ghost of Dame Ellie – Made by and performed by Ian Andrew
Spirit of Dame Ellie – Harriet Rose
Magic Well – Made by Roger Garland, Tony Lewery, Bob Richards and Bill Entwistle ( With additional help from Hilary Evans, Kate Westgate and Sarah Stokes)
Lighthouse Beacon – Made by Tony Lewery
Guiding lanterns – Made by Mary Lewery, carried by Paul Higson and Tracy Piper Wright.
Percussion Cacophony – Made by Peter Cartlidge, played by Carly Rose
‘Jam Jar Lanterns’ Installation by Julie Appleby and Bill Entwistle

Sculpture Installations
Heron – Mary Lewery
Swan – Tony Lewery
Man in the boat – Ian Andrew
Pike – Cathy Andrew
Shoal of fish – Peter & Claire Cartlidge, Cathy Andrew
Girl sitting reading a book – Cathy Andrew & Harriet Rose
Standing Ducks – Edward and Amanda Bevan
Sitting Ducks – Claire Cartlidge & Hilary Evans
Owl – Claire Cartlidge
Bird – Cathy Andrew
Dog – Mirjana & Roger Garland
Old Couple – Tony and Rosemary Boys
Couple on a bench – Ian & Cathy Andrew

Additional repairs help from – Dawn Edwards, Mick Higgins, Ian Wright, Tracy Piper Wright, Jan Wheat, Becca Moore, Hilary Evans, Kate Westgate, Sarah Stokes

Claire Cartlidge
Janet Owen
Lyne and John Walsh
Jan and John Wheat
Jackie and Mike Jeffrey
Sarah Stokes
Paul Davies
Trixi Field
Kate Westgate
Lynn Johnson
Jo Copely
Jim Shipp
Dawn Edwards
Stacy Thornton
Jo Bull
Denise Wright
Hazel Digby
Richard Jones
Nigel Clayton

And last but not least a big thank you to our sponsors