2021 ~ Lockdown Challenges

Ellesmere Community Arts

Here is a list of all the lockdown challenges that we have set this year so far. You’ll find all the details and the responses that we had on our Facebook Lockdown Challenges page.

Challenge 2021 # 1
Winter Tree: Draw, paint, photograph or write about your favourite winter tree

Challenge 2021 # 2
My Pet: Draw a picture, take a photo or write about ‘My pet’ or ‘My favourite animal’

Challenge 2021 # 3
Build an automaton! Use cardboard, skewers, cocktail sticks, PVA or glue gun to fix parts. Make it your own or make to your own design.

Challenge 2021 # 4
Paper Collage: The view from my window or door. Work from a sketch or photo – cut out paper shapes to reproduce your view.

Challenge 2021 # 5
Pancake Heart: Cook a lace pancake for Valentines or Pancake Day

Challenge 2021 # 6
Make a Sprite: Instructions here.

Challenge 2021 # 7
Arrange flowers – Ikebana style: Photograph your arrangement for the Fizzgigs Challenges Facebook page

Please  post any photos of your challenge on our Facebook Lockdown Challenges page!