2021 ~ Community Lantern Workshops

Ellesmere Community Arts

As in previous years we held two community lantern workshops in the Town Hall on Thursday 18th November (from 5 – 9pm), and Saturday 20th November (from 2 – 6pm). These happen before the Winter Festival, so that children, parents, grandparents and anybody else who may be interested, can join us in building their own individual lantern for the Fizzgigs Winter Festival procession that leads Father Christmas into town from the Wharf. This year we focused on making lantern presents and stars to fit in with our theme of a Child’s Christmas Dream. Fizzgigs members also used the opportunity of a large space to finish some of their larger lanterns.

Join us at 5.45pm at the wharf in Ellesmere (at the back of Tescos) to join us in the lantern parade!

This year we also worked with Age Concern and the Swanmere Group, helping to bring in a creative Christmas spirit.