Ellesmere Community Arts Group

December 6th - A record number of lanterns made in one day!

At Criftins School a Fizzgigs swat team led by Joan with Mirjana, Caroline, Janice, Janet, Peter and Claire made over 100 lanterns with children from Criftins and Cockshutt schools. They had assistance from a group of Associate Teachers (students) and some of the school staff for the final sticking session. Everyone enjoyed it, especially the Fizzgigs team who were described as 'local celebrities'!

Ellesmere Winter Festival - November 2018

This year our Fizzjigs band led a wonderful lantern procession through the Ellesmere streets, headed by a giant caterpillar filled with brownies, next a huge dragonfly and spider in a glittering web, then came lots of children with lanterns they had made who were followed by our magical shining white unicorn Flash, pulling Santa in his open carriage on his windey way to his Market Hall Grotto.
Many more photos on Flickr .

Turbulent Times - October 2018

Our show tells a mummers tale of the change brought to sleepy North Shropshire when the Ellesmere Canal was built. Folksy music from the Fizzjiggs band, ceildh dancing, knockabout humour with a serious theme. Performed over 3 nights, with lots of audience participation and enjoyment, in Chirk, Whitchurch and Ellesmere.
More photos on Flickr and video on Youtube.

Ellesmere Carnival - August 2018

The 2018 Carnival had sunshine and a few showers, plus lots of floats, music and our Giant Stag Beetle and its grubs!
More photos on Flickr.

Festival of the Edge - July 2018

Fizzgigs perfomed the opening ceremony for the 2018 Story Telling Festival, held for the first time at Alderford Lake near Whitchurch.
More photos on Flickr and video on Youtube.

Ellesmere Winter Festival - November 2017

Father Christmas came into town on his illuminated carriage pulled by a beautiful shining white horse and followed by a lantern procession.

MereFest - September  2017

Sadly this was the last Merefest but Fizzgigs finished the event in style with the night time woods full of Moths, Mermaids and Magical Things.

Plus there's lots photos of all these events and many others in our Flickr Photo Albums.